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9:30am, Depart Suburban Club,
11:00 – 1:00pm Glenstone Tour
3:00pm, Return to Suburban Club

Glenstone, located in Potomac, Maryland, is a place that seamlessly integrates art, architecture, and landscape into a serene and contemplative environment. Guided by the personal vision of its founders, Mitchell and Emily Rales, Glenstone brings together a vast canon of post-World War II artworks. The museum is a “series of refined indoor and outdoor spaces designed to facilitate meaningful encounters for our visitors.”

Fred Sandback: Light, Space, Facts Exhibition

Art Seminar Group will recognize Sandback’s work from Michael Salcman’s 2016 lectures series. Sandback was an emerging artist in Harald Szeeman’s groundbreaking exhibition “When Attitudes Become Form” in 1969. Light, Space, Facts will feature examples of drawing, wooden relief, and both wire and yarn sculpture from throughout the artist’s career.  “Highly attuned to the relationship between art and its architectural surroundings, Fred Sandback is best known for immersive installations made from simple, store-bought yarn. By using the yarn to outline geometric volumes within otherwise empty rooms, Sandback created dynamic perceptual situations and complicated our ordinary way of seeing. As the artist said, ‘My work is not illusionistic in the normal sense of the word. It doesn’t refer away from itself to something that isn’t present. Its illusions are simply present aspects of it. Illusions are just as real as facts, and facts are just as ephemeral as illusions.’”

In addition to the Sandback exhibition, the extensive permanent collection includes works by artists at critical moments in their careers. Artists represented include John Baldessari, Joseph Beuys, Peter Fischli and David Weiss, Katharina Fritsch, Robert Gober, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Eva Hesse, On Kawara, Ellsworth Kelly, Barbara Kruger, Robert Rauschenberg, Charles Ray, Richard Serra, and Cy Twombly.

Guided Tour of Architecture and Grounds

Art Seminar Group will have the opportunity to engage in a self-guided tour of Glenstone’s award winning architecture and landscape architecture. The original building designed by Charles Gwathmey includes a recent expansion by Peter Walker and Partner to house newly collected work, and a new revised masterplan of Glenstone’s grounds. Opened in 2006 to the public, the landscape is home to monumental sculptures sited amid rolling pastures and unspoiled woodlands.

“For an architect, the museum building is the ultimate project. It engages the past, present, and future, establishing and enriching the critical dialogue between art and architecture. It is the bridge, the connector, the extender, literally and philosophically, of the cultural legacy and the continuum. The museum is the accessor and the instigator to discovery.” -- Charles Gwathmey, Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects