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MEMBERS ONLY EVENT: Contemporary American Theater Festival


Contemporary American Theater Festival
Shepherdstown, WV
THURSDAY, July 14, 2016

**Depart Suburban Club 9:30am; no pick-up from Cromwell Bridge

An “essential summer festival” per the New York Times, CATF is an annual festival of new plays by American playwrights. “CATF specializes in theater about contemporary issues that challenge and entertain. The festival seeks plays that “are designed to provoke, instigate, disturb, and ultimately works that come from a place of passion and conviction about society’s hopes and fears...plays that probe the complexities of our world.”
-- Ed Herendeen, Founder & Artistic Director


An NNPN Rolling World Premiere by Allison Gregory Directed by Courtney Sale
12:00pm noon (90-minute running time; no intermission)

What if the show you came to see is not the show you need to see? A working mother escapes to the sanctuary of the theatre and manipulates the show-- and the audience, inadvertently sharing her own conflicted story. Straddling the worlds of myth, magic, and today’s headlines, Not Medea is one woman's intimate tale that every parent will relate to, told in a boldly theatrical setting. Fiercely funny and unsettling, brutally raw and surprising, her arresting story is one of love, tragedy, and unexpected hope.

Critical Acclaim for Not Medea: “The play is surprising and as the title suggests - it is not Medea, but it does use the play as a frame work to ask big questions about parenting, divorce, marriage, adoption and how our actions impact our children. Gregory writes wonderful, deeply complex roles for women. The play is very interactive with the audience. It also drew me into the world and made me feel culpable in her story.” – Bridget O’Leary, New Repertory Theatre


A World Premiere by Susan Miller
Directed by Ed Herendeen
2:30pm (2 hour running time; with intermission)

“You’re — rock and roll. The space launch. Civil rights. The decades that chronicle the most sweeping changes in everything. Style. Music. Literature. You’re my — sundial, my — alphabet. My guide to better living. You’re my memorial to all that.”

Four women bond and become one another’s timetable of history. Through the vagaries of love, careers, children, lost causes and tragedy, the women reunite once a year for a photo shoot, chronicling their changing (and aging) selves. But, when these private photographs have the potential to become part of a public exhibit, mutiny erupts and relationships are tested. The images unearth secrets and force the women to question who they are, what they’ve become, and how they’ll navigate whatever lies ahead.

4:45pm POST PERFORMANCE DISCUSSION with Director Ed Herendeen (approx. 45 minutes)


This year’s visit to the Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF) is designed as a shorter day (two play) experience. No lunch or supper will be provided. Members will have ample time to purchase food upon arrival at CATF and between the performances. Because space is limited and time is short, please rsvp at your earliest convenience. PLEASE USE THE ATTACHED REPLY FORM to RSVP for this upcoming event.

TRIP FEE $175.00 per person | Pre-registered members only

Check made out to Art Seminar Group. Please send check and reply form to: P.O. Box 10499, Baltimore, MD, 21209 

Later Event: July 21