We offer an extensive program of weekly lectures across a broad range of art and art history topics including the visual arts, theater, film, architecture, music and dance – covering a wide range of periods from ancient to modern to contemporary to now. Our speakers include prominent art historians, curators, academics and other experts. We explore art of the ancient world such as a recent series on ancient America and the rich history of the Mayan and Incan civilizations; and popular cultural history explorations such as a recent series on the cultural history of New York, from the Gilded Age through the Harlem Jazz Age, the development of Greenwich Village bohemia, to the competing visions of power broker and master planner Robert Moses and neighborhood preservationist Jane Jacobs.

Intensive single artist programs have included close looks at Caravaggio, Matisse, Picasso, Brancusi, Sargent, Rauschenberg and Johns, Rothko, Nam June Paik, Sigmar Polke, Jeff Koons and Sterling Ruby. We often explore compelling art movements, junctures and breaks; examples include series on "The Invention of Abstract Art"; "Still Life & the Transformation of the Commonplace"; and "Art that Moves: The Silk Road".

Our music program covers multiple periods and genres and often includes intimate performances by wonderful artists who also discuss their instrument and the music featured. Our engaging summer film series is led by expert film historians, filmmakers and critics and has screened programs on “Men Directing Women” and “Tricolore: Italia, Cinema, Disengo”.

For more information on the depth and breadth of our wide-ranging arts program, and to learn about our upcoming programs, see Our Program, where there is a link to past newsletters which describe previous programs in greater detail.


Banner image credit: Kirsten Walsh (Location Philadelphia Museum of Art)