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MEMBERS-ONLY DAY TRIP: "Day Trip to Potomac, MD. Temple of Art: Glenstone"

Day Trip to Potomac, MD. Temple of Art: Glenstone

ASG is pleased to offer members a trip to the newly expanded Glenstone, Mitchell and Emily Rales’ private museum in Potomac, Maryland which reopened last fall unveiling the new Pavilions (adding 204,000 square feet of gallery space) and a redesigned campus.  Glenstone seamlessly integrates art, architecture, and landscape into a serene and contemplative environment creating a temple of art that works to slow down visitors. The collection comprises iconic examples of modern and contemporary art that represent pivotal shifts in the perception and understanding of the art of our time. The architecture is essential, providing a minimal design to complement the collection and experience of viewing art. Glenstone offers nearly 300 acres of landscape which is fully integrated with the architecture and art. The landscape includes paths, trails, streams, meadows, forests and outdoor sculptures throughout the grounds. Visiting Glenstone is an unhurried, uncrowded experience with art, architecture and landscape: a quiet realm of serenity, beauty, and peacefulness. 

Members-only; please see full description for more details and RSVP via the Reply Form.