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Lecture at Suburban Club: David Gariff | July 26, 2016

LOCATION: The Suburban Club

Sculpture in the Age of Impressionism: Degas and Rosso (Part 2)
David Gariff, senior lecturer, National Gallery of Art and adjunct professor of art history, Catholic University of America

David Gariff returns to Art Seminar Group to continue his discussion of “Sculpture in the Age of Impression” focusing on Degas and Russo. Impressionism revolutionized the world of French painting, but did it have a similar effect on sculpture? Three of the most important figures in the history of modern sculpture were active during this period and had connections to the movement. Auguste Rodin occasionally exhibited with the impressionists, and Edgar Degas was a founding member of the group. But it was the Italian-born Medardo Rosso, a friend of Rodin’s, who perhaps came closest to producing a body of sculpture that might be labeled impressionist. David Gariff explores the life and work of these three seminal artists against the late-19th-century backdrop of new and changing theories on the function, subject matter, and expressive potential of sculpture. Today’s lecture, a continuation of his March 15 talk, will focus on Degas and Rosso.

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